Spy Camera Found in Campus Toilet

Image from DCard

University students have uncovered what they believe to be a spy camera¬†in the women’s restroom, UDN reported. According to a post on DCard, some of the hooks in the stall door are much lower than they should be. There is also what appears to be a pinhole camera in the hook for someone to spy on the women on the toilet.

Image from DCard
Image from DCard

The woman who posted the image on DCard said that she saw a small red light, indicating that a camera could be recording. She did not want to disclose the location of the suspicious hook, but reported it to campus security. Campus authorities found three hours of images on the camera embedded in the hook.

After further investigation, no other suspicious hooks were found in the restrooms. The investigation of the suspicious hook has been handed over to local police.

There have been problems of voyeuristic videos and photos around Taiwan. There are warnings in MRT stations in Taipei to beware of upskirt photos on escalators as well as reminders that staff regularly checks restrooms for recording devices.


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