Solar Company Accused of Illegal Waste Disposal in Taichung

Danen Technology
Photo courtesy Environmental Protection Administration

Publicly-traded solar wafer manufacturer Danen Technology Corporation (達能科技; 3686 TT) is accused of illegally dumping waste in Taichung, UDN reported.

In November 2015, authorities were alerted to thousands of waste barrels stacked along Bade Road in Taichung’s Wuqi District. The barrels emitted an odor that caused concern among residents. Authorities tested the contents and found that the barrels contained toxic waste.

Authorities spent two years investigating the source of the barrels and connected it to Danen Technology at the end of June.

The company is accused of illegally dumping carbonized strontium sludge to cut costs of processing the waste fluid properly. Two additional companies are being charged with assisting in the operation and handling waste without a permit. The other two companies named are business waste management company Yi-Tzeng Co., Ltd. (易增股份有限公司) and (匯)隆公司.

The waste was sent to Yi-Tzeng and then transferred to (匯)隆公司. The companies are accused of violating Article 48 of the Waste Disposal Act (廢棄物清理法).

Authorities will seize up to NT$10 million in assets and require the companies to process the waste properly. Individuals charged may also face up to three years in prison.

Danen Technology was established in 2007 and manufactures multicrystalline wafers for solar power plants. In 2017, its net loss totaled NT$690 million with NT$948 million in revenue, according to Bloomberg financial data. The company’s shares rose 1.22% on Thursday to NT$4.98.

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