Snow Mountain Tunnel Traffic Cameras Catch Traffic Violators on First Day

snow mountain tunnel
Driving in Snow Mountain Tunnel. Photo by Weixi Zeng via Wikimedia Commons

The Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (臺灣區國道高速公路局) began monitoring traffic with automated senors along the Snow Mountain Tunnel (雪山隧道) today and caught 136 drivers violating traffic laws as of 3 pm, UDN reported.

The traffic cameras caught an a traffic violation in the 13-km tunnel along National Highway No. 5 at an average of one car every six minutes.

The majority of traffic violations, 98 in total, were for speeding, though 34 others were cited for driving too slow. The speed limit in Snow Mountain Tunnel is 90 km/h, and the fastest driver caught today was going 183 km/h. There were no violations for changing lanes in the tunnel.

Traffic fines in the tunnel range between NT$3,000 (US$99) and NT$24,000 (US$794).

DPP Legislator Chen Ou-po (陳歐珀) praised the police for their work in monitoring traffic and maintaining safety on the road. Chen said he hopes that the traffic cameras will enhance safety as drivers will know that they are being monitored. He added that other traffic routes should be developed to alleviate congestion.

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