Snakes on the Road in New Taipei

snake taipei
From 爆料公社 Facebook group

Yesterday afternoon drivers in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, noticed something green slithering along the road. What they found was a Trimeresurus stejnegeri, a species of pit viper, on Sichuan Rd at 4 pm.

Photos of the snake in the road were posted to the Breaking News Community (爆料公社) Facebook group, with witnesses saying that no one was willing to go near the viper. People on the sidewalk reportedly shouted to motorbike drivers to beware of the snake ahead of them.

viper new taipei
From 爆料公社 Facebook group

According to the post, one person claimed to have seen another snake in the road recently. People called emergency services that arrived at the scene to remove the snake. The New Taipei Fire Department said that the snake would be released into the wild away from the city.

Photos show the snake lunging at motorbikes, but no one was bitten by the poisonous viper.

This is not the first time poisonous snakes have appeared in urban areas in Taiwan. Two years ago the public was warned about cobras appearing along hiking trails and parks in cities, including Taipei. The snakes appear as the weather gets warmer, and they are more likely to come out into open areas after rain.

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