Snake in Coffee Shop in Banqiao

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Less than a week after a poisonous snake was found crossing the street in Banqiao District, another entered an 85C Bakery (85度C連鎖咖啡店) on Sichuan Road in the same New Taipei district, Apple Daily reported.

At around 4:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, a customer noticed a meter-long snake slithering its way through the coffee shop. As the customer fled, staff called the fire department, which arrived in 10 minutes to help remove the snake from the premises.

The New Taipei Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office said that a man surnamed Lee was raising snakes above Sichuan Road, where the viper was spotted last week, and it had escaped. The ministry claimed that the snake was improperly fed, which led it to flee its confines in search of food. The man was fined NT$15,000 for his mishandling of the snake in that instance. He is also suspected of causing the recent incident, but the case is still being investigated.

Chen Yuan-chuan (陳淵泉), director of New Taipei City’s Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office, said that in the case at 85C Bakery, the species was a red rat snake, though the snake photographed is green and there may be a misunderstanding of the specific species of ptyas. Authorities noted that Mr. Lee has had 14 such snakes escape with 11 being recovered thus far and one found dead.

Chen added that if anyone finds a snake in the city that they should contact emergency authorities immediately by dialing 119 and they should not attempt to capture the snakes on their own.

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