Sewage Treatment Plant Malfunction Sends 300 to Hospital

Photo from Water Resources Bureau Kaohsiung City Government

An electrical malfunction at a sewage treatment plant in Kaohsiung’s Qijin District on Thursday resulted in untreated sewage being discharged into the ocean and a foul odor being emitted throughout the neighborhood, Apple Daily reported. Nearby residents complained of the smell that caused nausea and other discomfort.

After two days, more than 300 people had been admitted to Kaohsiung Cijin Municipal Hospital with health issues related to the untreated sewage being discharged. The hospital said that the patients admitted to the emergency room were not physically harmed by the foul smell.

The EPA inspected the sewage treatment plant on Friday, but did not find any serious problems nor excessive odor. Taipower was also dispatched to resolve any electrical issues related to the malfunction.

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