Self-proclaimed God Sentenced to 20 Years for Sexual Assault

Venus and Adonis by Hendrik Goltzius

A 60-year-old man surnamed Chen was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay NT$600,000 to his victim who claimed she was sexually abused in 2008 by the man who claimed to possess supernatural powers, UDN reported.

Chen coerced his follower into sexual intercourse as he claimed that he could cure the woman of her ailments with his god-like powers that were somehow connected to his penis as well as the magnetic fields surrounding the temple. The sexual assault continued for two years and resulted in an abortion. The woman was allegedly raped more than 500 times in the two years.

The victim claims that she was intimidated by Chen. Chen claims the sex was consensual and that it was a method for healing.

This isn’t the first time that Taiwan has seen self-proclaimed deities using coercive methods to sexually assault female followers. Last year, New Taipei arrested the self-proclaimed Dragon King who earned about NT$300,000 per month by fondling his naked female worshipers.

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