Self-Portrait Art Exhibition Opens at Mind Set Art Center

mind set art center

Mind Set Art Center (MSAC) in Taipei’s Da’an District held an opening reception on Saturday for its newest exhibition titled “Self-Portrait,” featuring works by 13 artists.

The art exhibition examines the way in which artists perceive themselves through the medium and styles they choose. In the case of Shi Jin-hua (石晉華), the artist has two works–one in which he looks back at himself as a 20-year-old and another that equates his life to that of a single pencil–that portray his own changing perception.

victor balanon art
Victor Balanon’s “Untitled” self-portrait

Mind Set Art Center founder Andre Lee, who curated the exhibition, said that “with the rapid expansion in both expressional methods and aesthetic experiences, contemporary art has enabled us to look at the long-standing topic of “self-portrait” with new perceptions. Being an expression of the creator’s status, self-portrait in contemporary art not only stands for the devotion or projection of the artist as in the traditional way, but also concretizes the essence of a specific soul as well as its pursuit, or creatively represents the self-identity, body experience or cognition.”

Shi Jinsong’s (史金淞) self-portrait, titled “Scenes from an Unpredictable Theatre – Self-portrait with Wuhan Grey,” takes dust from Wuhan, China, and uses it as a paint on a mirror to capture the artist’s face. In Charwei Tsai’s (蔡佳葳) “Etrangere,” the artist uses an octopus, which to her resembles an alien, as a metaphor of herself and her experience of being treated as a foreigner in various parts of the world, even in her homeland Taiwan.

Tang Jo-Hung
“Self-portrait – Sitting with Legs Crossed” by Tang Jo-Hung

Other artists included in the MSAC exhibition are Victor Balanon, Shiau-Peng Chen (陳曉朋), Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin, Hsiao Chu-Fang (蕭筑方), Jhong Jiang-Ze (鍾江澤), Ana Maria Micu, Juin Shieh (謝鴻均), Melati Suryodarmo, and Tang Jo-Hung (黨若洪).

The exhibition runs through May 6. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.

Visit the MSAC website for more information.

Address: 7F, No.180, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd. Da’an District, Taipei (map)

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