Sad Super Hot Noodles Won’t Leave You Crying

Are you looking for something spicy to fill your stomach while wandering around Xinyi District? Tired of all the restaurants that claim to have Sichuan dishes but can’t deliver on the flavor? Then check out Sad Super Hot Noodles (傷心酸辣粉); it’s a short walk from Taipei City Hall Station MRT on Line 5.

This cash-only storefront has a limited selection of noodle dishes ranging in price from NT$50 to NT$180. There is an English menu to help out those who can’t read the characters, and they’ll prepare the dishes either spicy or not spicy if you want. If the dishes aren’t spicy enough, they have some of the Sichuan chili pepper sauce (basically, Lao Gan Ma).

川醬拌麵 - Sichuan noodles with peanuts
川醬拌麵 – Sichuan noodles with peanuts

You can have your choice between small dishes like the Sichuan noodles with peanuts or spicy duck blood soup. There are even some Thai, Korean, and Brazilian-style dishes on the menu. For those not looking for anything spicy, they have a few dishes that don’t require you to request the spice level be toned down.

You can also enjoy the space-themed artwork on the wall.

Note: There is no toilet at the restaurant.

Address: No. 1, Alley 50, Lane 30, Yongji Rd. (map)
Phone: (02)2766-0222

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