Researchers Developing 3-in-1 Vaccine

Photo by NIAID via Wikimedia Commons

Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center announced that they may be able to develop a 3-in-1 vaccine delivery system to help prevent flu, Japanese encephalitis, and enterovirus,  UDN reported.

Research associate Huang Mingxi (黃明熙) said in his report, “One needle for three diseases: influenza, enterovirus, Japanese encephalitis” (一針搞定三疫病:流感、腸病毒、日本腦炎), that the vaccine would limit the number of shots infants receive, relieving some pain and stress for both the children and parents.

The enterovirus vaccine (EV71) is currently in stage II clinical trials in Taiwan. However, it is available in mainland China through Sinovac Biotech, which completed phase III trials in 2014.

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