Public Warned to Be Alert for Cobras

People around Taiwan have recently reported cobra sightings, which are expected to increase with the summer heat and rains.

Facebook user Sha Yumin posted last week that he killed a cobra and warned people of the danger along the Da’an River, Apple Daily reported. He also posted a photo of a dog that had died from a cobra bite. The man said that his parents in Tai’an had recently seen 20 cobras in one day. He claims the cobras he has found were at least 1.65m long.cobra-screen-cap

There was also a recent cobra sighting at a middle school campus in Keelung, Liberty Times reported. As a student was walking on campus, he found a cobra upright and threatening. The student back away slowly, but managed to get a picture of the snake before calling authorities to remove it.

The director of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine in Keelung said the office has received calls about 30 snakes, five of which were cobras, over the last two months. He reminded the public that snakes will seek shaded areas to stay cool in the summer, so people should carry a long stick when walking along hiking trails and through grassy areas.

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