Most Public Buildings in Taiwan Assessed for Earthquake Resistance

construction and planning agency
Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

Construction and Planning Agency Director Kao Wen-ting (高文婷) said today that as of the end of January, after the first earthquake resistance assessments, the department indicated 5,902 public buildings that should be reinforced. He added that there are 2,011 buildings that should be demolished.

The buildings damaged in Tuesday night’s earthquake in Hualien were privately owned and inspection records have not been released, according to Apple Daily.

Kao noted that public buildings across Taiwan have been assessed since the 921 earthquake in 1999. Many of the buildings have been reinforced during that period.

As of the end of January, a total of 20,719 buildings have undergone initial assessments, accounting for 99.1% of the total. After the initial assessment, 14,597 buildings required a detailed assessment, with 96.6% of those completing the assessment.

Of the buildings requiring reinforcement, only 62.5% have had the work completed. 96.4% of the buildings slated for demolition have been demolished.

Kao said that the reason building reinforcement and demolition has not been completed is due to limited budget and manpower. The current budget for the next four years is NT$12.6 billion (US$431 million), which the department believes will improve the completion rate of work required.

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