Prostitution Ring Busted in Taichung

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Photo by quinn norton (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

A prostitution ring operating out of a Taichung hotel was busted after surveillance by local police, and four Thai women have been sent to the Immigration Agency for repatriation, UDN reported.

The women, who arrived on tourist visas about ten days ago, were approached by Thai acquaintances after traveling around Taiwan for a few days. The women say that they were short on money when they were approached about earning money to travel more. They were then placed in the Taichung hotel to work as prostitutes.

It was reported that they each attracted four men per day and earned only NT$30,000 over seven days. The hotel staff also gave the women some money.

One 28-year-old Thai woman said that after traveling for three days with her sister, the pair had become short on cash. An acquaintance in Thailand introduced them to someone in Taichung who could assist in providing short-term employment. The pair were then persuaded to join the sex trade at the hotel.

Following the initial investigation and monitoring, police arrested three men and three women. They also sent four Thai women to the Immigration Agency to await deportation.

Police noted that the hotel had recently raised daily room rates to NT$1200. The hotel owner claimed to not know anything that was going on and that the people in the room agreed to terms of sexual transactions on their own. After police found a hidden room full of condoms, lubricants, and sex toys, the owner admitted to running the prostitution ring.

The NT$1200 was the amount reportedly paid to the women, while the hotel owner charged NT$3000-4000 per man who entered the hotel.

One man involved in the bust claims that he was deceived into paying for sex through mobile messages and only agreed because the messages were in English, which he did not fully understand.

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