Projects Proposed to Cut PM2.5 in Kaohsiung

kaohsiung taiwan

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Liu Shih-fang (劉世芳) today proposed eight major projects to improve air quality in Kaohsiung and reduce PM2.5 pollution by half, UDN reported.

She said that the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) identified the causes of air pollution, with 65% from overseas airflow. The EPA analysis indicated that the source of 35% of air pollution in the city originated in Kaohsiung. Among the domestic pollution, 38% is from factories, 38% from vehicle emissions, and 24% from construction sites.

After the release of the EPA analysis, Liu proposed three major types of improvement strategies and eight mitigation strategies. Included in the strategies would be stringent emission standards on industrial chimneys, cutting emissions by 50%.

Liu also proposed completely eliminating motorbikes with two-stroke engines. She also suggested banning inefficient diesel trucks from operating at Kaohsiung Port, forcing shipping companies to utilize more fuel-efficient methods and expand mass transportation usage. In addition, she proposed increased air quality monitoring.

Liu said that improving air quality control would be her top priority if she becomes mayor of Kaohsiung. She added that the goal of reducing PM2.5 pollution in the city is to make Kaohsiung more livable and improve quality of life.

Recently, northern Taiwan and the west coast have been plagued by poor air quality, with AQI readings reaching unhealthy levels.

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