Police Uncover Counterfeit Sportswear Worth NT$10 Million

counterfeit product
A more obvious fake (not found at Lehua). Photo by Matthew Lubin

Police in Chiayi broke up a counterfeit sports apparel ring, about which they received tips six months ago, Central News Agency reported. After an initial investigation, police obtained approval for search and seizure of the manufacturing facility.

The department said that the clothing sold for at least 10 times less than retail for the authentic brands. More than 6,400 articles of clothes, including some that were not finished, were confiscated and estimated to be worth NT$10 million.

The owner of the factory, surnamed Huang, supposedly experienced a sharp decline in business and turned to counterfeit products to turn a profit.

Tags and logos for the clothes were allegedly imported from China. The clothes were made to appear as authentic as possible.

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