Police Seize Tons of Expired Food in Taichung

Photo by Fcuk1203 via Wikimedia Commons

To add to the fear of allegedly expired seafood being served at hotels and restaurants in northern Taiwan, CNA reported that police in Taichung have seized 22 tons of expired food products that a company, Xiongxun (雄勳有限公司), in Dali District was attempting to sell to at least five customers. The company was found to have been tampering with expiration dates on the products.

Taichung City Health Bureau said that it discovered the oldest of the food products, mostly spices and other seasonings and milk powder, expired in 2009. Many of the products were sold to baking retailers.

Health bureaus throughout Nantou County and Kaohsiung are tracing the destinations of the products that were already sold before they can reach consumers.

Prosecutors will charge people involved with various charges including fraud, forgery and money laundering as well as food safety violations. The company head is being held on NT$600,000 bail, while the director of accounting is held on NT$200,000.

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