Police Investigating Group Blackmailing Rich Students

Photo by VegasCasinoKid via Wikimedia Commons

Police have identified a young Taipei resident who started an online community called “Hunting rich kids” (獵殺富二代), which has been attracting Taiwan’s children of wealthy families to engage in gambling activities, Apple Daily reported. The group was allegedly headed by a 21-year-old student who has enlisted the help of high school and university students to identify and attract the wealthy students. He will be charged with gambling, fraud, intimidation, and money laundering.

The group allegedly has created a list of students in Taipei who are considered fu’er dai (富二代), or second-generation wealthy.  The wealthy students are then convinced to gamble, racking up debts that, in some cases, they cannot repay without requesting money from their parents. The group has allegedly threatened the wealthy students that if they go to the police, they will be charged as accomplices to illegal gambling. There have also allegedly been instances of physical threats.

Parents have paid the debts to avoid involving the authorities; payments have reached NT$300,000-500,000. At least 10 students were initially identified as victims of the group. The organizer of the group has reportedly earned more than NT$4 million.

It seems that Taiwan’s students have been taking lessons from some politicians who have become embroiled in their own illegal gambling scandals.

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