Police Find Cache of Ammo, Gun at Sun An-tso’s Host Home

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Taiwanese national Sun An-tso (孫安佐), who is currently held in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, for making terroristic threats, may have a more complicated case in front of him. The trial is set for April 11.

Upper Darby police discovered even more ammunition as well as a 9mm pistol at the host family’s home, UDN reported. Police discovered more than 1600 rounds of ammunition in a secondary search. In all, police found 225 rounds of 12-gauge ammo, 663 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, 295 rounds of AR-15 ammunition, and 425 rounds of AK-47 ammo.

The host parents reportedly removed the items from Sun’s room prior to the initial search by police. However, it is unclear at this time whether the ammunition or gun belonged to Sun or his host parents. Local news reported that Sun built the gun himself from parts purchased online. Upper Darby police have not released the names of the host parents.

In the previous search, police found a military-style ballistic vest, a crossbow with scope and light, 20 rounds of 9mm ammunition, a military ski mask, an ammunition clip loader, and a garrote.

Sun was arrested on March 27 after he reportedly told a classmate, “Don’t come to school on May 1, because I’m going to shoot up the school.” His attorney Enrique Latoison and mother have said that he was only joking and that it was all a misunderstanding.

Sun’s representatives Robert C. Keller and Michael N. Kotik released a statement that said, “The family is concerned by the rising level of rhetoric that is being transmitted to the news media and hopes that the public will keep an open mind as all the facts and circumstances are brought forward.”

The 18-year-old exchange student enrolled in Monsignor Bonner Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School in the fall. Since his arrest, Sun has been expelled.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has also joined the investigation. Authorities are investigating whether there are accomplices involved in the case.

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