Pokémon Go Draws Hospital’s Ire in Hualien

pokemon go

While much of Taiwan enjoys getting outside to play Pokémon Go, there have been complaints. In the first three days since its launch in Taiwan, more than 1,200 people were cited for traffic violations due to the game. Most of those fined were riding motorbikes, though police also managed to catch drunk drivers playing the game.

Now it seems the game has caused problems for a hospital in Hualien. Mennonite Christian Hospital (花蓮門諾醫院) says that too many Pokémon Go players are blocking access for ambulances to and from the hospital, Apple Daily reported. The hospital’s director of public affairs Chou Tien-hung (周恬弘) said that there are three PokéStops within a 50 meter radius of the hospital, and players are crowding the streets in the evenings.

Some of the people causing problems are those that police are seeking to take off the road–motorists who stop along the road to catch Pokémon before driving off.

The 2016 Comic Exhibition kicked off yesterday in Taipei and will continue until August 16. The exhibition has already attracted numerous Pokémon Go players as many exhibitors are selling Pokémon-related products. Admission to the Comic Exhibition at Taipei World Trade Center is NT$120.

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