Pingtung Inmates Rehabilitate with Coffee

Photo by Julius Schorzman via Wikimedia Commons

Last year, Pingtung Prison began offering coffee roasting classes to inmates to aid in their rehabilitation, and after a year of training, the product has been reviewed by an international organization, UDN reported.

Coffee Review, a coffee guide founded in 1997, has rated the Pingtung Prison coffee, called DanCeing Blend, 91 points (review is only available to subscribers). The coffee sells for NT$250 for 8 oz. The publication says that the coffee is rich, slightly sweet, with a hint of fruit.

55-year-old inmate Liu said that he was proud when he first drank the product–it was the first time he had drunk coffee. He added that he is very grateful for the opportunity to learn a skill, and said that if released from prison, he “will not return to act violently.”

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