Pervert Arrested for Exposing Self on MRT

This is not an artist's rendition of the pervert on the MRT (it is actually a novelty item at a shop in Jiufen)

A 60-year-old man was arrested on March 10 for exposing himself and fondling a woman on the MRT near Fuxinggang Station along the Red Line (Line 2). The incident occurred around 9 pm.

After the woman on the train screamed, other passengers used the emergency intercom to alert MRT staff.

The man attempted to escape after the train arrived at Fuxinggang when the other passengers rushed off the train, but he was caught by authorities and transferred to the prosecutors office.

Source: The Central News Agency


  1. Sooo…is everyone in Taipei like very passive. What wasn’t anybody helping this lady out. He actually made it off the train without incident before he was picked up by athorities. Passengers alerted MRT staff? What happened to passengers getting this creep off of her?

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