Percent of Workers Looking to Change Jobs Hits 10-Year High

Photo by Wing1990hk via Wikimedia Commons

According to a “Willingness to change jobs” (上班族轉職意願調查) survey by online job site 1111 Job Bank (1111人力銀行), 86% of 1096 workers surveyed between January 11 and 26 are looking to switch jobs this year, Apple Daily reported. This is 19% higher than the figure last year and hit a 10-year high. The margin of error is 2.96%.

With many sectors of Taiwan’s economy bottoming out this year, more employees face greater stress at work and believe a change is necessary for career advancement and contentment. 40% of respondents claimed stress-related factors as reasons to switch jobs. They are also confident in an economic rebound.

Meanwhile, 56% of respondents said they would accept a raise to stay at their current companies. The average raise needed to retain employees is NT$11,952, or a 28% raise based on an average salary of NT$42,545. However, an offer of a 12% raise would convince an employee to move to a new company. 4% of respondents said that no offer would convince them to stay at their current job.

1111 Job Bank Vice President Daniel Lee (李大華) said most workers believe the next job will be better but suffer regret when the new job doesn’t meet expectations. He advised against hasty decisions and for employees to stick with a job for two to three years to gain enough experience before moving on.


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