Passengers Must Leave TRA Stations Immediately After Arrival

Taiwan HSR
Photo by I, Wrightbus via Wikimedia Commons

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) announced plans to implement a passenger contract next year that would require arriving passengers to exit the train station gates within 10 minutes after arrival.

The TRA plans to charge passengers who do not exit the station platforms immediately without reason an additional NT$15, Liberty Times reported. The passenger contract is set to go into effect in January.

Members of the Legislative Yuan expressed their concern that 10 minutes is not adequate to exit some stations, particularly Taipei Main Station. Officials said that it’s difficult enough to exit the station on a light travel day, let alone during rush hour. They urged the TRA to consider extending the time limit.

Even Minister of Transportation and Communications Ho Chen-tan (賀陳旦) said that the 10-minute time limit is “too strict.”

The TRA began a review of the regulation yesterday and plans to finalize it soon. There is speculation that the TRA may require passengers to exit before the next train arrives.

Update: The TRA has suspended the plan to fine passengers for not exiting through the gates immediately after arrival. Officials cited logistical problems among different train stations as well as peak hours as reasons for shelving the plan.

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  1. Why would you not want people to stay and spend money at your facility? Maybe because you built your stations too small? Don’t blame passengers blame your company for short sighted vision on growth.

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