Passenger Claims to Have Bomb in Luggage

Taoyuan Airport
Photo by Luke Ma from Taipei, Taiwan (Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan), via Wikimedia Commons

A day after heavy rain wreaked havoc on Taoyuan International Airport with delays due to flooding in the terminal, two passengers on China Airlines flight  CA-186 from Taoyuan to Beijing informed a flight attendant that they had a bomb in their luggage this morning, Apple Daily reported. In another account of the incident, one man shouted that he had a bomb, according to UDN. UDN also reported that the man was upset that the trip to Taiwan was extended by a day due to the flight delays on Thursday.

Following security procedures, all 187 passengers were taken off the plane and all 262 pieces of luggage were re-screened. The two men in their 20s were taken away for questioning. They claimed that it was just a joke.

The flight departed later in the afternoon.

As the two men are from mainland China, they are likely to be added to the government’s ever-expanding travel blacklist for travelers who cause disturbances around the world.

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