Panamanian Freighter Leaks Oil at Taichung Port

port of taichung
Photo by Mnb via Wikimedia Commons

A Panamanian cargo freighter that departed Jeju Island in South Korea arrived at Port of Taichung at 4 pm on Tuesday. When loading at Pier 12, large quantities of oil were spotted in the water surrounded the ship, Apple Daily reported.

As the oil slick spread past Piers 18 and 6, authorities were called in to contain it. The oil slick spread 250 meters to one side and almost 1500 meters in the other direction, according to the Maritime Port Bureau.

Absorbent booms and other clean-up methods were deployed to help contain the oil spill.

The Maritime Port Bureau suspects the spill originated from the 2992-ton Panamanian freighter and will investigate the case further. Authorities requested the ship submit a detailed report on the matter while it investigates the origin of the spill. Ships found dumping pollutants such as oil and wastewater may be fined between NT$100,000 and NT$500,000.

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