Palau Ambassador, Others Brings Rain to Taiwan

Screenshot from Tianyuan Palace website -

Taiwan invited Dilmei L. Olkeriil, the ambassador from Palau, as well as ambassadors from Paraguay, Tuvalu, and Saint Kitts and Nevis to pray for rain at Tianyuan Palace (wújí tiān yuán gōng 無極天元宮) in Tamsui today to help relieve the ongoing drought, The Central News Agency reported. Representatives from Solomon Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, and Israel were also present, UDN reported.

Despite the weather forecast for rain from today through Friday, the ambassadors’ prayers have been credited with bringing heavy rain (bet no one saw that one coming).

Mr. Olkeriil has been the ambassador from Palau since July 2012.

Here’s a video of the cherry blossoms at Tianyuan Palace.


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