Nude Barbecue Party Will Not Be Prosecuted

Photo courtesy Brian Turner[email protected]/

Participants in a nude barbecue in Xindian in mid-September will not be prosecuted for public indecency, according to Apple Daily.

A man surnamed Zhu invited people to the event in New Taipei via Facebook and charged men NT$1000 and women NT$300 to join the barbecue in a secluded mountain area. The 57-year-old man and 10 others–eight men and two women–were charged with public indecency. The group intentionally hiked to a remote area in the mountains before undressing to avoid curious stares from the public. Prosecutors claimed that the purpose of the nude barbecue was for public voyeurism.

Zhu argued that the intent was to”embrace nature” with friends and no sexual acts were performed during the event. Prosecutors had little evidence, except for some photos taken by Zhu, for the case, and the court considered Zhu’s lack of a criminal record in its decision to end the prosecution. Zhu and the others apologized for their behavior but insisted on their “innocence.”

Zhu and his friends understand that heading to a secluded wooded area is a better idea than exposing oneself on the MRT.

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