No More Free YouBike Rides After March 31

Taipei YouBike

Taipei announced that it will officially eliminate the subsidies that gave us free YouBike rides for the first 30 minutes. Beginning April 1, that first 30 minutes will cost NT$5, and each additional 30 minutes will be NT$5. However, the first 30 minutes will remain free in New Taipei.

It previously cost NT$10 per half hour for the three hours following the free time, and increased to NT$20 and NT$30 per half hour over time.

The city subsidized the YouBikes to encourage residents to use the bike share program. Following rapid growth in use, the city will no longer subsidize the bikes. At the beginning of the year, Mayor Ko Wen-je voiced his desire to eliminate the free half hour.

As most riders return the YouBikes within the first 30 minutes, the city lost significant revenue.

Source: UDN, China Post

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