New Taipei Night Market Vendor Busted for Selling Counterfeit Products

counterfeit product
A more obvious fake (not found at Lehua). Photo by Matthew Lubin

A vendor at New Taipei’s Lehua Night Market near Dingxi MRT station was busted for selling counterfeit goods that were purchased from mainland China.

The 41-year-old vendor surnamed Zhuang began purchasing large quantities of counterfeit goods, most of which was clothing and shoes, last November, Apple Daily reported. He sold the items, which included well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, LV, and others, for NT$200-500 (US$6.65-16.63) each. Despite the low prices indicating that the products were counterfeit, shoppers flocked to the shop for bargains.

Police investigated his shop after a girl purchased sneakers from him that fell apart after three days. She reported the incident to the police on May 19. Police seized NT$5 million (US$166,300) worth of counterfeit products at Zhuang’s shop.

Punishment for selling counterfeit products in Taiwan is less than a year in prison or a fine of less tan NT$50,000. The penalty is the same for those selling counterfeit goods online.

Police encourage residents and tourists to ensure that the products they purchase in Taiwan are genuine.

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