New Taipei’s Oldest City Council Member Hospitalized

Huang lin lingling
Photo from Huang's Facebook page

黄林玲玲 Huang LinlingHuang Lin Lingling (黃林玲玲), New Taipei’s oldest city council member, is in intensive care after authorities believe she was struck by a vehicle last night, UDN reported. The 74-year-old was found on the ground near her home late last night; she suffered clavicle and rib fractures as well as an intracranial hemorrhage.

Family members said that Huang was out on her own last night and they do not know what happened before she was found at 11 PM. She was transferred to NTU Hospital early this morning. Police are investigating the accident.

Her son said that she is in intensive care for observation and that he is unsure of the circumstances surrounding her injuries.

Huang has served in local government since she was 48 years old. She is a member of the KMT from the 2nd electorate precinct representing Xinzhuang District. She suffered injuries from a previous vehicle accident ten years ago, which required surgery that affected her mobility.

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