New Taipei Promotes Rooftop Farming

fruit and vegetables
Photo by Olearys, via Wikimedia Commons

As part of it environmental initiatives, New Taipei City is promoting rooftop farming in an effort to provide local produce while reducing carbon emissions, Apple Daily reported. Numerous officials toured a demonstration rooftop garden in Yingge District today. The garden provides 120 sqm of farming space for gourds, spinach, sweet potato leaves, chives, grapes, dragon fruit and other fruits and vegetables.

The New Taipei City Environmental Protection Agency last year began promoting rooftop gardening in 13 communities with a target to build 46 rooftop farms. There is currently 2,610 sqm of rooftop farms in the city. The EPA says it has seen significant results and will promote the initiative to green idle rooftops throughout the city. 460 communities have already signed on to begin rooftop farms, with the EPA’s goal set at extending to 4,600 communities and 5 million sqm of farming space. It is expected to reduce annual carbon emissions by 2,500 tons, partly from savings in transportation of produce.

The EPA says that not only can the gardens help feed residents, but it will help insulate buildings and reduce electricity consumption in the summer from air conditioners.

No word on whether the produce grown on rooftops will make their way to farmer’s markets around Taiwan.

In addition, Radio Taiwan International reported that Taiwan now has nearly 6,000 green certified buildings, according to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior. The buildings can save a total of NT$5.8 billion in electricity and water costs and 830,000 tons in carbon emissions annually.

Last year, 266 buildings were certified as green by the ministry; 204 were certified the previous year.

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