Meet New Taipei’s Cutest New Police Recruit on Instagram

police puppy
Courtesy NPA Facebook page

The New Taipei Police Department announced earlier this month that it is training six police dogs and introduced the puppies to the public on the National Police Agency’s Facebook page with some adorable photos and videos.

The puppies were first seen on the Facebook page on June 8 and introduced to the New Taipei Police Department the following day.

Five of the new recruits will be trained as drug-sniffing dogs while one will be trained as a blood-sniffing dog. The latter Labrador puppy, Fuxing (福星), now has his own Instagram account for the public to watch. His name translates to Lucky Star.

There’s only one photo on the account so far, but the public is already enamored with the pooch. The first photo was posted on Instgram this afternoon.

All the puppies were born on May 9, 2017. International media has even taken notice of the dogs, with Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, and others reporting on the new police recruits.

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