New Taipei Named Cleanest City in Taiwan

clean new taipei
Screenshot from the clean New Taipei video

New Taipei City was recently named the cleanest city in Taiwan for the sixth consecutive year by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). To commemorate the achievement, Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫) posted a short video on Facebook starring a shiba inu named Coke (可樂).

The video shows Coke’s perspective of how clean the city is as he sees city workers cleaning streets and storm drains. It also shows the dog’s human picking up his poop and a woman acknowledging the man’s civic duty.

The short video encourages residents to continue to keep the city clean.

Most netizens praised the video for promoting cleanliness in the city and, of course, for casting such an adorable dog to star in it. However, some noted that they have witnessed dog owners not picking up after their pets, and others commented on areas of New Taipei that aren’t so clean.

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