New Taipei Issues Hundreds of Tickets as Helmet Law Goes into Effect

e-bike helmet law
The law requiring e-bike riders to wear a helmet went into effect across Taiwan on October 1. Photo by Gonzosft via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan welcomed some new traffic laws in October, chief among them a law requiring electric bike riders to wear a helmet. There were also laws pertaining to riding on sidewalks and not yielding to pedestrians and blocking traffic, all of which were passed in May of this year.

Since the start of the month, New Taipei police have issued 312 fines to e-bike riders for not wearing a helmet, UDN reported. Taipei City reported no violations of the new traffic law.

The new law states that e-bike riders who fail to wear a helmet can be fined NT$300. Those driving over 25 kph are subject to a fine of NT$900-NT$1,800, while drivers of vehicles refitted without authorization will be fined NT$1,800-NT$5,400.

Ruifang District police said that they would monitor the roads for violations of the newly-implemented laws. They said the district would also post public notices to encourage residents to abide by the law. On Thursday, the district’s police issued 10 fines for helmet law violations.

While Taipei had not seen any violations, it would continue to promote the helmet law to ensure the safety of e-bike riders in the city, Wang Wei (王鈞), director of Traffic Police Corps. Authorities note that many people have opted for e-bikes over scooters as the former don’t require a driver’s license or license plate to operate, making them more convenient for short-distance commuters.

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