New Taipei Baker’s Complaint Takes the Cake: Blames Taipower for Power Outage

new taipei bakery
Meltdown at the cake shop. Photo by Mr. Yu, owner of the bakery

It may sound like an exaggerated claim, but a local company is blaming a state-run company for a possibly unforeseen problem. A bakery owner in New Taipei’s Yonghe District claims that Taipower is at fault for an overnight power outage that caused about NT$6000 (US$194) in losses because the owner did not receive a notice from the electric company.

The 40-year-old owner said that he found all of his shop’s cakes melted in the refrigerated display cases when he opened up at 10 am on May 1, and he could not turn on any electrical devices in the store. Apparently, the power had gone out the night before after he had closed up, Apple Daily reported. The report noted that it was only seven cakes that had completely melted overnight.

The store owner claims that this is the second time Taipower has not given prior notice of power outages in the last two years. There is no indication of whether these power outages were planned by the power company, making the bakery owner’s claims difficult to verify.

Some of the cakes had been pre-ordered, forcing the store owner to make new ones and work overtime to meet the demand.

In response to the accusation, a staff member for the state-run power company offered a verbal apology and a discount on the electricity bill. A representative from Taipower told Apple Daily that the company had not received a report of a power outage from residents in a timely manner and, therefore, did not notify residents. The company plans to send another representative to speak directly with tenants and discuss its liability of the situation.

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