New Overtime Rules Released

taiwan ministry of labor
Photo by Wei-Te Wong via Creative Commons

The Ministry of Labor yesterday released the new guidelines concerning overtime work in Taiwan, UDN reported.

Employers must accurately record the working hours of all employees, including any hours outside the office spent responding to work-related emails, texts, and calls. All overtime work must be paid accordingly. Companies found in violation of the guidelines face a fine of between NT$2 million and NT$30 million.

To record time spent working, companies are allowed to use a variety of methods, including GPS tracking and LINE, for employees who work outside the office. The new guidelines are meant for the nearly 45 million people employed in media (reporters), transportation (private bus drivers, tour guides), and outside sales (insurance salespeople and realtors) who must work outside of regular hours and are not in an office. Regular working hours in Taiwan are defined as eight hours per day.

Most employers did not pay such employees¬†for overtime work in the past because they claim it’s difficult to accurately track the total hours. Some have called the new regulations unrealistic, and some employees don’t believe that employers will accurately record hours worked.

The Ministry of Labor added that if a job requires regular overtime, the employer and employee can agree on an arrangement for recording the hours and pay at the time of employment.

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