New MRT Circular Line Cars Arrive from Italy

MRT circular line
Section of the MRT Circular Line. Photo by C.L. Kao (eddie5150) via Wikimedia Commons

New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫) posted on Facebook yesterday that the first four prototype train cars for the MRT circular line arrived after a 45-day journey from Italy, CNA reported.

There will be 17 trains consisting of four cars each for the first phase of the line. The first two trains were built by Hitachi Rail Italy, while the other 15 trains will be assembled by local companies. The second set of prototypes have already been shipped from Italy and are expected to arrive in Taiwan at the end of the month.

European media has also taken notice of Taipei MRT developments and its partnerships with European companies. Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design has also highlighted its role in the design of the of the rail line, emphasizing that it hopes this “public art project will give brightness and harmony to the lifestyle of Taipei citizen.”

The first section of the line is scheduled to open by the end of next year, but as the public has seen with the Taoyuan Airport line, delays are common. According to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, phase I of the line, which includes 15.4 km of rail lines and 14 stations and one depot, is more than 70% complete. Here are the planned stations for the Circular Line.


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