More Tea Fails Health Ministry Tests

Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan continues to investigate pesticide-tainted tea since Stornoway admitted to finding tea with traces of DDT in its supply chain in mid-April. The company closed its stores in an effort to rectify the problem.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration tested 192 tea samples yesterday, of which 32 contained pesticide residue, Apple Daily reported.

Included in the tea samples that failed tests were Ten Ren’s Mr. Wish and Easy Way products.

Ten Ren Deputy General Manager Zhuang Yuanming apologized for the failed tests and said that the findings may influence public perception and trust in the company, according to UDN.  He pledged higher standards for Ten Ren’s products.

Zhuang noted that the pesticides used in Ten Ren teas are not water soluble and, therefore, are not dangerous even if the tea is left to steep for two hours. However, the Ministry of Health and Welfare grinds the tea for testing, which Zhuang claims released the pesticides.

Shares of Ten Ren Tea Co. Ltd. closed down 1.5% on the Taiwan Stock Exchange today.

Update: Following the continued reports of pesticides in tea, Hong Kong announced that it will step up checks on tea imported from Taiwan, South China Morning Post reported. Coffee Alley in Hong Kong has already suspended sales of jasmine and rose teas, but claims it will not affect sales as most customers order coffee. Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has tested 100 tea samples in the last three years and all have passed.

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