More Students Sign Up for University Entrance Exam

Photo by Abhi Sharma

The number of students that signed up to take the General Scholastic Ability Test (大學學科能力測驗) this year increased by 7,705 from the previous year, Apple Daily reported. This year’s test on January 26 and 27 will be taken by a total of 136,465 students.

Notices were sent to registered students today. The test notices include some brief guidelines for students to follow, as well as the exam location.

The testing organization, the College Entrance Examination Center, said that if students do not receive their notice or if it is damaged upon receipt, students can visit the website ( to print a new notice, which must be presented on the day of the exam. Students must also present a valid photo ID, such as national ID or passport, to verify their identity the day of the exam.

The annual two-day exam, which began in 1993, tests students’ knowledge of five subject areas, including Mandarin, English, Mathematics, sciences, and humanities (e.g., history, geography, civics & law).

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