Money Found in Landfill Returned to Owner

new taiwan dollar
Photo by Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) via Wikimedia Commons

A man surnamed Hsu in Yuli Township, Hualien County, discovered a trash bag filled with NT$23,000 while taking out his trash at a landfill, UDN reported. The trash bag also contained folders and envelopes that may help locate people related to the discarded money.

Rather than keep the money, the good samaritan turned the trash bag and its contents over to police to aid in the search for the rightful owner. Police escorted Mr. Hsu back to the landfill and found names and addresses near where the trash bag was discovered. Police managed to track down owners of the money with the information found in the landfill.

The money belonged to a retired couple that recently moved out of their residence. They had inadvertently thrown out the bag with the money in their haste to move. The grateful couple offered Mr. Hsu a reward for retrieving their lost money.

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