Ministry of Finance Official Caught Playing Pool During Work Hours

ministry of finance
Photo by Foxy Who via Wikimedia Commons

An official at Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance has been accused of taking time out of the workday to play pool.

The official, surnamed Zhang (張), was reportedly out of the office on “official business” at least once a week between 2 pm and 5 pm, EBC (東森新聞) reported. The ministry said it will take appropriate administrative actions against Zhang.

A source at the Ministry of Finance said, “It may affect some jobs. It may sometimes be official documents. It must wait for him to come back to deal with them.” The source added that because of Zhang’s position as the head of the department, the department staff must cooperate with his demands to get work done.

Zhang is reportedly a Grade 10 official at the ministry with a salary of about NT$100,000 (US$3355) per month.

In another report, a Ministry of Finance liaison to the Executive Yuan is accused to accompanying legislators for drinks during work hours and then returning to work drunk.

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