Mineral Water Vendor Caught Selling Groundwater

Photo by DWatdonSHAM at zh.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes you can’t even trust your water supplier.

A mineral water company in Kaohsiung is being investigated by the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, along with the City Health Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, and the EPA, for allegedly selling “荷多益” mineral water mixed with groundwater, UDN reported today. Following a tip, police found employees in an underground factory yesterday filling water bottles for sale in Kaohsiung and other areas.

A man surnamed Chen, his wife, and son were found in the factory. Chen, who is allegedly the head of the operation, and his son were held overnight on a NT$300,000 bond, while his wife was held on NT$100,000.

The company, located in Dashu District, made a profit of about NT$46.8 million from the fake mineral water, which it sold for NT$65-80 per 16-liter bottle. The company had allegedly been operating illegally since 2011.

Prosecutors said that at least 20,000 customers, including department stores, hotels, and government offices, had purchased water from the company.


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