Military’s New Tactical Gear Lacks Anti-infrared Tech

Taiwan army command
Photo by Office of the President ‎via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan’s army recently procured tactical vests for special operations teams that were supposed to have anti-infrared technology to avoid detection by thermal imagining. However, the new gear lacks such technology, Apple Daily reported.

While the equipment was supposed to be tested before delivery, Army Special Operations Command only made a visual inspection. The functionality tests were not conducted.

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) recently visited special operations Liangshan (涼山) team to showcase the new equipment. According to the article, the Ministry of National Defense was not willing to admit that the equipment on display was faulty.

According to the National Audit Office’s report noted that the procurement did not follow the appropriate procedures and cost a total of NT$1.67 million and there was a shortage in the amount of equipment delivered. Army Command responded to the Audit Office’s report that the shortfall in equipment was already noted in September 2016.

A Ministry of National Defense review found that the procurement amounted to dereliction of duty and it said that it would re-evaluate the procurement process for the future. It will require qualified procurement personnel to review all orders and contracts. It will also set clear inspection guidelines to ensure all equipment meets specifications.

Army Command has insisted that the contractor correct the equipment flaw.

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