Men Use More News Apps, Women Use Shopping Apps: MIC

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In a unsurprising survey conducted by Taiwan’s ICT industry research and consultancy Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), Taiwanese women use shopping apps more than men. However, the survey found that both sexes use apps primarily for communication and games.

The top three app categories for men in Taiwan were communication (75.1%), games (63.5%) and transportation (43.6%), while the categories for women were communication (80.3%), games (64.5%) and online shopping (52.4%).

The survey found that 38.8% of men use mobile shopping apps as well. As for using news apps, the survey says that 28.8% of men use them while the figure for women is only 17.3%.

MIC analyst Chiu Yu-ya (邱鈺雅) noted that the use of mobile shopping apps does not necessarily mean that users are making purchases, but it could be interpreted as consumer research for potential purchases.

Further details in the survey show that the majority of Taiwanese do not pay for any apps (71.5%), with the proportion of women not paying for apps (76.5%) higher than that for men (65.5%). However, more women will use paid shopping apps than their male counterparts, though the proportion is low for both groups.

MIC said that the top app categories downloaded are communication, games, shopping, transportation and photos and videos. Chiu added that as the statistics are based on 2016 figures, the use and download of transportation apps may be affected by Uber’s exit from Taiwan last month. However, other transportation and travel apps will likely benefit from the ride-hailing app no longer being used in Taiwan.

Chiu said that mobile games have become more popular in Taiwan because they aren’t as time consuming as they previously were. Most games are now made to short-time use for breaks throughout the day rather than longer periods. In addition, with small in-game purchases, it’s easier for mobile users to make purchases or download multiple game apps to avoid making any purchases.

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