Man’s Poor Attempt to Fake Car Accident Caught on Dash Cam

accident yingge
Screenshot from the dash cam video

A man on a bicycle in New Taipei’s Yingge District tried to fake an accident in traffic just before noon on Friday. Fortunately for the driver, the “accident” was caught on the car’s dash cam.

In the video posted by user Brown Chen on the Breaking News Community (爆料公社) on Facebook, the man on a bicycle is seen slowly crossing traffic along Wenhua Rd. near Yingge Ceramics Museum and then dismounting in front of the car. He let’s the bike fall to the ground and then begins shouting at the driver, claiming that the car hit him.

The driver shouts back that he has a dash cam to prove that there was no accident and that the man should pick up his bike and move along.

Netizens were quick to call out the man’s poor acting job in the “accident.” Many point out that the man didn’t even bother to take a dive to the pavement. Some noted that in other cases, people staging accidents are more likely to hurl themselves on the hood of the car.

Other commenters on the Facebook post emphasized the importance of a dashboard camera to prevent extortion from staged accidents on the road.

Watch the video here.

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