Man Forces Teenage Girlfriend into Prostitution

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Photo by quinn norton (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

A 21-year-old man surnamed Gao was arrested in Taichung for forcing his 16-year-old girlfriend into prostitution for a year, UDN reported. The forced prostitution began two years ago as the couple was living together and couldn’t afford to pay rent.

Gao was introduced to a couple, a man named Fan and woman named Zhou, willing to help his girlfriend enter the sex trade. They offered NT$2100 per session, but Gao declined, saying it wasn’t enough. He returned to the couple a few days later to accept the offer. They had the the girl memorize a fake social security number and other information to avoid suspicion that she was, in fact, underage.

Gao’s plan was to earn NT$2 million as quickly as possible. After police broke up the prostitution ring, they found the underage girl and estimated that Gao was paid NT$244 million from December 2013 to December 2014 for his girlfriend’s service. Of course, Gao blew the money on a car, repairs, tickets, etc. and was left with only NT$90,000. Police reportedly found records stating that the girl was involved in 1162 instances of prostitution.

Because of the age of the victim, prosecutors are requesting a harsher penalty for Gao and his accomplices under the Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act.

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