Man Commits Suicide at Taipei Hospital

NTU hospital
Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, via Wikimedia Commons

A 68-year-old man shot himself in the head outside the emergency room of National Taiwan University Hospital along Xuzhou Road and Zhongshan North Road at 7 am today, Apple Daily reported.

The man surnamed Lu reportedly entered the area around at NTU hospital, pull out a pistol and shot himself in the front of the head, according to witnesses. Hospital staff rushed to Lu and administered first aid; he was pronounced dead at noon.

Police cordoned off the area of the emergency room to conduct an investigation. They discovered three suicide notes–one each for the hospital, his wife, and his sister–in the man’s bag claiming deteriorating health as his reason for committing suicide. Lu’s right hand was reportedly paralyzed due to his health condition.

Police also found his gun had ten more bullets. They are now attempted to track the source of the gun.

The note to the hospital requested that they do not administer first aid and offered his organs for donation.

Lu’s wife said that he was a former cement worker, but had since retired. She did not know that her husband planned to commit suicide.

Taiwan recorded 3,546 suicides in 2014, the latest official statistics available. In 2016, the suicide rate reportedly decreased, which officials attributed to the work of Taiwan Lifeline International. However, people over the age of 65 continue to suffer the highest suicide rate in the country despite a more than 5% decline in the number of incidents since 2010.

Taiwan Lifeline International, the suicide prevent hotline, can be reached by dialing 1995.

This article has been updated to reflect updated information from Chinese-language sources that appeared after it was first reported.

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