Man Charged for Selling Fake Drugs

Photo courtesy Melanie Tata

A Taipei man surnamed Kan (甘) was suspected of selling drugs via communication app LINE, and police set up a sting in July to catch him.

Police in New Taipei posed as buyers to purchase ten packets of illegal drugs disguised as coffee packets, Apple Daily reported. Kan was arrested when he arrived with the coffee packets at Taipei Main Station to meet the buyer.

Kan advertised the drugs for NT$500 per packet. The only problem was that the coffee packets contained no traces of drugs. He told officers at the scene that he had no drugs, but was still taken into custody.

Kan admitted that he did nothing more than cut open the coffee packets and reseal them to make it appear like he had altered the contents. Lab tests showed that the coffee packets only contained coffee.

While drug trafficking charges against Kan were dropped, prosecutors brought fraud charges against him. Although he was not selling anything illegal, he was attempting to deceive others by claiming that he could provide drugs.

Former prosecutor Lin Chun-feng (林俊峰) said that Kan was taking advantage of the desperate mental state of drug users. And while the sale and purchase of drugs may be illegal, so is the fraudulent sale of products.

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