Man Caught Fishing at Taipei Seafood Restaurant

aquarium tanks
Photo from 南海漁村 Facebook page

Police arrested a man who was caught fishing for lobster in the aquarium tanks outside South China Sea Fishing Village (南海漁村) seafood restaurant in Taipei’s Wanhua District, Liberty Times reported.

The 32-year-old man was caught with a line and hook in the fish tank out front of the well-known seafood restaurant on Nanning Rd. while it was closed at 2 pm on April 17. Staff quickly surrounded the man as they waited for police to arrive at the scene. Staff wrestled the lobster from the man and returned it to the tank.

After his arrest, police investigated the man surnamed Chang and found that he had been involved in more than 20 cases of theft over the last three years.

When asked why he didn’t steal something easier, like the grouper, Chang responded, “I just want to eat lobster.” He was reportedly unemployed for a long time and missed the taste of lobster.

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