Man Arrested for Growing Pot for Sick Mother

Photo by A7nubis, via Wikimedia Commons

The Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office is bringing charges against a 47-year-old Taichung man who was arrested for possession of marijuana, Apple Daily reported. The official charge is for possession and manufacture of illegal drugs. Police seized 40 plants, equipment, and 100 grams of cannabis products.

The man claims that he using the pot to help his mother who suffers from cardiovascular disease because he read that it could help her relax and relieve pain. Medical marijuana is still illegal in Taiwan as well.

Last year the man said the price of marijuana from a dealer was too high, so he began studying hydroponics in June. He then smuggled 100 seeds into Taiwan to grow his own.

He attempted to profit by selling his products abroad but attracted the attention of authorities instead. His home was raided in February. He may face more than seven years in prison.

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